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Vi invitiamo a condividere e partecipare all’evento internazionale del 2 aprile “Fact Checking Day” iniziativa – alla sua seconda edizione – rivolta alle scuole e agli utenti inesperti per la diffusione del fact chcking del cittadino:
INFO su https://factcheckday.com/articles/25/april-2-marks-the-second-annual-international-fact-checking-day

…In honor of the day, Poynter is launching a website with a lesson plan, tip sheets and other resources to help people learn basic fact-checking skills
Factcheckingday.com was born as an answer to concerns about the reach and impact of online misinformation. The IFCN is calling for a broad coalition of journalists, students and everyday media consumers to arm themselves with the tools and methods needed to decipher what’s real and what’s not.
Factcheckingday.com will offer a lesson plan for high school students in several languages that is based on a role-playing card game and an online course for college students. The website also includes a fun fact-checking quiz, several practical tip sheets and a reading list.
In 2017, The Washington Post, CNN, Repubblica, Sky and other news organizations worldwide covered the first International Fact-Checking Day. Thousands of people used the hashtag #FactCheckIt on April 2, 2017, and teachers in more than 50 countries downloaded the lesson plan, available to more than 100,000 students…

Seguiamo e ricondividiamo gli eventi con hashtag #factCheckit

In Italia abbiamo lanciato #OSCARdellaBUFALA http://bit.ly/oscardellabufala votazione libera e senza login che si concludera’ lunedi’ 2 aprile senza premi e senza finalita’ politiche
buona #biblioVerifica


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