Manuale libero e gratuito per orientarsi nel mondo della disinformazione e difendersi dalle notizie false:
JOURNALISM, ‘FAKE NEWS’ & DISINFORMATION Handbook for Journalism Education and Training

Cherilyn Ireton and Julie Posetti

UNESCO Series on Journalism Education
ISBN: 978-92-3-100281-6



Introduction by Cherilyn Ireton and Julie Posetti
Using this handbook as a model curriculum by Julie Posetti
MODULE 1: Truth, trust and journalism: why it matters
by Cherilyn Ireton

MODULE 2: Thinking about ‘information disorder’: formats of

misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information
by Claire Wardle and Hossein Derakhshan

MODULE 3: News industry transformation: digital technology,

social platforms and the spread of misinformation and

by Julie Posetti

MODULE 4: Combatting disinformation and misinformation
through Media and Information Literacy (MIL)
by Magda Abu-Fadil

MODULE 5: Fact-checking
by Alexios Mantzarlis

MODULE 6: Social media verification:
assessing sources and visual content
by Tom Trewinnard and Fergus Bell

MODULE 7: Combatting online abuse:
when journalists and their sources are targeted
by Julie Posetti

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